Previous Intern Spotlight (Fall 2022)

Anita R. Vazquez

Research Intern

Anita is passionate about the intersections of workers' rights, women's rights, and racial justice. She is a Kalmanovitz Initiative for Labor and the Working Poor scholar. As a first-generation low-income student, she loves to help others and mentor fellow Georgetown Scholars (GSP). 

Elizabeth (Liz) Chen

Legal Intern

Liz is a second-year International Relations and Sociology double major at the University of California, Davis.

As a Legal Intern for Rise Against Hate, Liz will be requesting public records, working with paralegals and attorneys, and analyzing the legal implications of our data for Rise Against Hate studies. Liz hopes her work with Rise Against Hate will bring awareness and inspire change in judicial practices.

In her free time, Liz can be found spending time with her dog, Captain, watching Marvel movies, going on food-ventures, or journaling. 

Mary Padilla

Legal Intern

Mary is an incoming senior at the University of California, Davis pursuing a double major in International Relations and Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies, along with a minor in Human Rights Studies. She is passionate about international law, immigration, human rights, social justice, and imagining more equitable and intersectional futures.

As a legal intern at Rise Against Hate, Mary will be working alongside paralegals and attorneys, tracking cases, and conducting legal research pertaining to racial disparities present in the use of force and marijuana arrests in the Cherry Hill Police Department.  

Myka Melville

Legal Intern

Hailing from Plainsboro, NJ, Myka is a sophomore at Cornell University studying Government. As a Legal Intern at Rise Against Hate, Myka is exploring the legal infrastructure of the American Criminal Justice System to examine instances of differential treatment based on race. Myka's academic interests concern the intersections between law and culture and their impact on the global legal system. 

Jenea Spinks

Data Intern

My name is Jenea Spinks. I am a recent graduate from UC Berkeley in Data Science. At UC Berkeley, I was both a student and an athlete so watching and playing sports takes up most of my free time. I am originally from Trinidad and Tobago and am working as a data analysis intern at Rise Against Hate. As a data intern, I am tasked with entering, cleaning, and analyzing data to identify different patterns. I have always been passionate about fighting for justice and interning at Rise against Hate has helped me to apply my data analysis skills within this area. 

Ashley Chan

Legal Intern

Ashley is a third-year at the University of California, Davis, majoring in Political Science. After her expected graduation in Spring 2023, Ashley plans to take a gap year before attending law school.

As an Asian American woman, she is deeply passionate about combatting sexual violence, fighting for gender and racial equity, and ensuring that all individuals' civil liberties and rights are continuously being protected. She serves on the UC Office of the President's Systemwide Title IX Student Advisory Board as UC Davis' undergraduate representative. She is also the sole undergraduate representative on the UC National Center for Free Speech and Civic Engagement's National Advisory Board.

As a legal intern for Rise Against Hate, Ashley drafts record requests and is currently working with Research and Data interns to study policing in Cherry Hill. 

Carly Beilis

Legal Intern

Carly is a junior at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana studying International Relations and History. At Tulane, she has had the opportunity to study different social problems--such as issues pertaining to international development and Christian Nationalism--and used this knowledge as a vehicle to advocate for positive change in national communities. She has written a policy paper about eliminating Christian Nationalist influence in education that is being sent to the West Virginia State Senate, and is a student researcher with the African Letters Project. 

Alex Kim

Data Intern

My name is Alex Kim, I am an undergraduate student at Cornell University and majoring in Cornell University. I am working as an intern in Rise Against Hate as a data analyst. I am mainly responsible for sorting and cleaning data, analyzing data and making visual infographics and reports. 

Chukwueloka Obi

Data Intern

Obi is an eager data talent who is looking to push his career forward by doing good work that has a mission. Obi is not motivated by money but only the mission being worthy at hand. He is looking to find himself entrenched into understanding how data is able to move social change and what that entails for our future whenever discussing issues like this. He believes that data should be the most important thing when discussing social policy. 

Yongrui Chen

Data Intern

I am a master student at Georgetown University in Data Science and Analytics. As a generalist at heart, I am currently interested in problems rooted in data analysis, where I have a breadth of experience in research and internship. With an open heart, I am always willing to learn new skills and motivated to grow in different challenges.

Working as a data analyst in Rise Against Hate, I am mainly responsible for analyzing and visualizing the Rise Against Hate’s study of racial discrimination on Arrest Cases and Use of Force at Cherry Hill in New Jersey. 

Sabriye Yilmaz

Research Intern

In her free time, she likes to play volleyball, bike, and spend time with her family and friends. 

Jackson Beauregard

Research Intern

Jackson is a rising senior at American University majoring in Communications, Legal Institutions, Economics, and Government (CLEG) with a focus in cannabis policy. This coming fall semester, he will be studying abroad at University College Dublin as a Gilman Scholar to learn about the formulation of cannabis policy in the Republic of Ireland. This summer Jackson is grateful to be serving as a research for Rise Against Hate and an intern for the Office of Public Defender of Maryland. He hopes to apply the skills and lessons he attains from both experiences to become a public defender to help those the government neglects. 

Previous Intern Spotlight (Spring 2021)

Cameron Crawford

Fundraising and Grant Intern

Cameron is a third year student at American University majoring in Justice and Law. Although currently residing in Washington, DC, Cameron is originally from the Philadelphia area.

As the Fundraising and Grant Writing Intern at Rise Against Hate, Cameron is narrowing down grant applications and crafting inquiries to send out. Additionally, he is working on various research projects, such as the Cherry Hill school-to-prison pipeline project and the Radical Justice Commission project.

In his free time, Cameron enjoys playing basketball, hiking, reading, and exploring Washington, DC. He is looking forward to working with the Rise Against Hate team and making more positive change through research projects and public awareness.

Coralie Jean-Francois

Business Intern

Coralie Jean-François is a Business Intern at Rise Against Hate. She is currently a senior at Fordham University pursuing a double major in International Political Economy and French Studies with a minor in Philosophy.

As a Business Intern at Rise Against Hate, Coralie’s responsibilities include writing grant proposals and managing the organization’s marketing budget.

Some of Coralie’s personal interests include spending time with her friends, watching horror movies, completing jigsaw puzzles, reading Caribbean Literature, and everything that has to do with the Law & Order franchise.

Sparkle Mark 

Business Intern 

Born and raised in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, Sparkle has always had a passion for human rights and understands how inequity in society negatively affects minorities. Sparkle Mark is a senior at The George Washington University pursuing a degree in Business concentrating in Finance and a minor in Psychology.

Throughout her time at The George Washington University, Sparkle has held several leadership positions such as AmeriCorps Jumpstart Team Leader and Undergraduate Senator in the Student Association.

As a Business Major at Rise Against Hate, she will be working on projects focused on developing a marketing strategy, managing the advertising budget, and raising brand awareness for Rise Against Hate.

Sparkle is known for being hardworking, funny, and kindhearted. She also has a passion for decreasing the achievement gap in education and increasing financial literacy, hoping to one day develop her own financial literacy program.

Jessica Saunders 

Press and Communication Intern 

Jessica is a senior Communications and Social Influence and Sociology double major at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. During her time at Temple, she has had the opportunity to study the importance of effective communication, language, and rhetoric in creating social and political change.

Jessica applies the skills she has learned in her classes through several leadership positions. She is the President of the Temple University Public Advocacy Club, an Ambassador for the Temple University Honors Program, and a Peer Mentor to Freshmen students in the Klein College of Media and Communications.

As the Press and Communications intern at Rise Against Hate, Jessica will be managing social media accounts, writing the Rise Against Hate newsletter, and helping out wherever else she can!

Ke Jiang

Data Analysis Intern

My name is Ke Jiang, I am a graduate student at Boston University and majoring in Database management & Business Intelligence. I am working as an intern in Rise Against Hate as a data analyst. I am mainly responsible for sorting and cleaning data, analyzing data and making visual infographics and reports. I recently participated in the research study of Racial Justice and Cherry Hill Public Schools, and conducted the data analysis part!

Lilli Jiang

Data Analysis Intern 

Lili is recent graduate from The George Washington University with a master’s degree in information systems. She is experienced in data and business analysis and has an interest in applying the business models she was taught at her institution to real world situations.

Lili is an energetic and creative problem solver. She enjoys collaborating with her peers in the workplace and is always ready to help and support others.

As a data analyst at Rise Against Hate, Lili will use statistical information to bring attention to racial injustice in the country through research reporting. Currently, she is working on analyzing data for Rise Against Hate’s study of racial discrimination at Cherry Hill Public Schools in New Jersey.

Gio Liguori

Research Intern 

Gio is one of Rise Against Hate’s Research Interns and a current Senior at The George Washington University. He is wrapping up his degree in Political Science and Criminal Justice, while pursuing a master’s in Public Policy. His passions lie in criminal justice reform. From drug decriminalization to decreasing the prison population, Gio believes in rooting out systemic injustices in our current criminal justice processes.

As a member of the Research team, Gio will be contributing to several prominent reports on police action and accountability in both his home community of New Jersey and in his adopted home of Washington, DC. In addition to grant writing and fundraising, he hopes his work can draw attention to Rise Against Hate and the crucial social justice issues we advocate for.

In his free time, you may find Gio obsessing over sports (especially the Yankees and the Nets), playing video games, or watching documentaries.

Jessica Nguyen

Research Intern

Jessica is a senior at the University of California, Santa Barbara studying Statistics and Data Science.

As a Data Analysis Intern at Rise Against Hate, Jessica will be using her knowledge of statistics and data science to research and write reports detailing racial discrimination in Cherry Hill Public Schools and disproportionate uses of excessive force by the Cherry Hill Police Department.

Ilyana Rich

Research Intern 

Ilyana Rich is a mother, wife, and student. 

Ilyana grew up in Tucson, Arizona and with over a decade of service, in the USAF she was able to hone skills in follower-ship, mentoring, and management.

Her last assignment allowed her to expand outside of her daily functions and to find purpose as Community Support Office Noncommissioned Officer In Charge, where she operated as a Master Resilience Trainer, and trained in MBTI.

 Ilyana is finalizing her bachelor’s degree in Human Services with a focus on Government and Gender Studies at the University of Arizona, and is a completing a Business Internship with Rise Against Hate, to fulfill her goals to serve a diverse community with trusted connections, by utilizing and teaching resilience tools and techniques to impact diversity and inclusion among employers with compassion and confidence.

Raya Rukab

Research Intern 

Raya Rukab is a third-year student at American University, originally from Jacksonville, Florida, studying Public Health and International Studies.

As a queer, Arab-American women, Raya’s academic research has centered around comprehensive global sexual education and equitable access to reproductive health care in both the United States and the Middle Eastern and North African regions of our world.

As a Research Intern at Rise Against Hate, Raya is currently working on two research projects pertaining to racial justice in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.