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Across our team of board members and volunteers, Rise Against Hate has already been able to make an impact despite being such a young organization. Here is a list of some of the great things that Rise Against Hate has accomplished!

  • Endorsed, testified for, and successfully passed NJ State law “The Amistad Commission.”

  • Endorsed Legislation including “The Breathe Act.”

  • Presented data to NAACP at the state level.

  • Produced a full comprehensive study on police use of force and arrests for Cherry Hill Township.

  • Completed use of force Data Sets for 5+ towns, including Pennsauken and Asbury Park.

  • Published our data at Harvard University making it accessible for researchers to use!

  • Developed a website with tools and resources to combat racial injustice.

  • RAH Bias program created by two doctors from the University of Pennsylvania.

  • Provided a corporate bias training for proof of concept that was highly successful.

  • Created an internship program that gave students opportunities in multiple fields of nonprofit activism.

  • Hosted 5 Free Virtual Public Events with over 150 participants.

  • Met with Local NAACP Camden County Chapter president.

  • Met with Cherry Hill Administration to discuss findings on the town and propose solutions.

  • Created active, inspirational Instagram and Facebook accounts!

    • Over 300 Likes on FB Page!

    • Over 120,000 total online views across all of our posted content!

    • 3 posts with over 15,000 views!