Meet EbEle Azikiwe

Director of Special Projects and Youth Empowerment

Ebele Azikiwe is an 11-year-old ambitious soon to be 7th grader has a passion for making a difference. Ebele hopes to influence and inspire others in positive ways. She sees herself as a leader and hopes to impact the world in a better way. When not fighting for civil justice, Ebele's passions are fashion, modeling, cooking and baking, writing, public speaking, acting and basketball.


Meet Ben Shore

Ben Shore has two motivations—“justice and smiles”—behind his drive for public service. Ben has brought remarkable change about before he was even of age to vote. For example, as a sophomore at Cherry Hill East, he led a walkout to advocate for school safety after the Parkland shooting. At 16, he testified in court to protect service dog access to public spaces—legislation called “Charlie’s Law”