Youth Empowerment Board

Photo of Rise Against Hate Youth Leader Ebele Azikiwe

Ebele Azikiwe

President of Youth Empowerment Board

Ebele Azikiwe is a 12-year-old ambitious soon to be 7th grader who has a passion for making a difference. Ebele hopes to influence and inspire others in positive ways. She sees herself as a leader and hopes to impact the world in a better way. When not fighting for civil justice, Ebele's passions are fashion, modeling, cooking and baking, writing, public speaking, acting and basketball.

Photo of Rise Against Hate Youth Leader Anjali Ofori

Anjali Ofori

Youth Empowerment Board Advisor

Anjali is a sophomore in high school and a budding activist. She’s participating in the Wide Awake Sunrise leadership program and volunteers for progressive campaigns in her free time. She is also a hip hop dancer and plays field hockey and lacrosse.

Photo of Rise Against Hate Youth Leader Zachary Screiber

Zachary Schreiber

Youth Empowerment Board Advisor

Zachary Schreiber is a 16-year-old outgoing Junior at Cherry Hill High school East who has experience working with non-profits. Being raised by a Colombian mother, Zach is a male who seeks to combat prejudice against those oppressed in our country. He is a major Philadelphia sports fan, and his interests primarily include playing sports with his friends, listening to music (mainly hip-hop and R&B), and gaming.